Paraffin Pellets

Paraffin Pellets
 These small droplets of paraffin wax which are much easier to handle than larger blocks of wax.  Simply measure out the amount of paraffin pellets  you would like to use, melt with any additives you might like, colour, fragrance and pour.  
These pellets have a melt point of 56-58ÂșC.
Paraffin pellets can also be used to make a no-pour candle by wicking glassware and packing pellets around the wick until the container is full.  This can then be lit to perform admirably as a candle.  It will burn quicker than a traditionally poured candle due to the added air spaces, but is a craft suited to younger people who cannot be let loose with hot wax.  Always supervise younger people when making and burning candles.

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