Basic items & tools you may require during your creative journey

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Spatulas - Mini

Theselittle guys are great for us in sample pots,stirring small quantities or adding minute amounts ..

$0.20 Ex Tax: $0.18


This versatile is useful for candle making,soap making or even candy. Temperatures range from 38ยบ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36

Elephant Oil Burner Brown

Elephants are true gentle giants.  This one will care for your melt or oil in its flower shaped..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Infrared Thermometer

This infrared thermometer is used to take the surface temperature of an object without the need for ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $27.27

Wooden Sticks Multipurpose

These wooden sticks (aka paddle pop sticks) are approximately 114x10x2mm in size.  They are use..

$2.00 Ex Tax: $1.82

Perfume Tester Bottle 3ml

These little bottles are perfect for supplying a sample of your product, or for taking just a little..

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Turret Top 28/410

These wonderful pouring tools fit our 50ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1lt plastic stock bottles as well as ou..

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Wick Pin 26cm tall

If you struggle to get your wick straight through your pillar candles try using a wick pin.  Si..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Lip Balm Tube Filling Tray

These trays simplify filling lip balm tubes no end, turning a chore into a fun activity. Insert t..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Perfume Tester Papers (100)

If you are obsessed with making your own perfumes these perfume tester strips are a must.  Ther..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Zip Lock Bag 50mmX75mmX40um(100)

Measuring 50mm across the bottom by 75mm in height these cute litte bags are great for samples ..

$2.00 Ex Tax: $1.82

Zip Lock Bag 75mmX100mmX40um(100)

These zip lock bags measure 75mm across the base and stand 100mm high making them a little cuti..

$3.20 Ex Tax: $2.91

Zip Lock Bag 90mmX150mmX40um (100)

Measuring 90mm across the base and 150mm in height longer items often find this bag more comfor..

$5.25 Ex Tax: $4.77

Zip Lock Bag 150mmX230mmX40um (100)

Measuring 150mm across the base and 230mm tall this is a great multi purpose bag for mid sized ..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $10.91

Zip Lock Bag 200mmX250mmX40um (100)

Measuring 200mm across the bottom and 250mm tall this is a generous sized bag for all your larg..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64