True Rose Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

True Rose Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Hands down the best rose fragrance we've ever smelled, and a dead-ringer for the pricey, pricey, pricey rose absolute. Rose is the best-selling single-note floral scent year after year, and there's no better rose than this one to be found. BOTTOM LINE: We're not exaggerating -- this fragrance really is *that* extraordinary; customers call and email us for no other reason than to tell us how thrilled they are with this fragrance. Flashpoint: 210* F.


May accelerate trace in CP soap.

When we can get them we love people to let us know their experiences with our fragrances.  Here is the report of Tanya when using this fragrance in Cold Process soap.  Her work can be found here http://www.ethikl.com.au/TitaniasDreamyDelights/

Name of Scent : TRUE ROSE
Acceleration : Yes ~ working quickly you can colour your batch.  Don't discount water and perhaps soap at room temperature.
Ricing : None
Any Other Issues : No
Discoloration Over Time : None (my batch was coloured deep pink and is still the same now)
Usage Rate Of Fragrance : 2.0% of oil weight
How does the scent stick in the soap when smelled several weeks later? Excellent ~ scent stayed strong and true at 18 months on.
Did you use any oils that would change the results, high olive oil slows things down, high castor speeds things up. Rice bran oil at 20% probably contributed to acceleration.
What was your lye concentration? 28% (full water amount)
Were you soaping warm or with cool temps? 38 degrees celcius
Was the soap hot processed or cold processed? cold process with full gel.
Any other important details you would like to add to your review? Smells extremely realistic, like a full bloom red rose.

Maxine also gave us a review on this fragrance 

Just a quick note on True Roses Sweet Cakes FO.  I used 80grams per 1500grams of Soap.  Palm Oil;Coconut Oil;Cotton Seed Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 37C
( I would not use Rice Bran type oils).  Light to Medium Trace, if you are pouring several moulds, you might have to give it a quick stir with a spatula with each pour.  
It is not a sweet smell, but definitely a real Rose smell.  I would not insulate your soap after pouring.


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