High Heel 3D Mould

High Heel 3D Mould

A new accessory for your bathroom is this elegant high heel which has customisable adornments. Each mould comes with four small decals of a rose, double heart, single heart and bow which can be affixed to any part of the shoe you desire. To create your brand new heels an assembly process is required.  Firstly, cut the mould  into two sections.  Align the nobbles on the mould  and join with bulldog clips or the like.  Cut a hole in the base to allow the mould to be filled.  Place in a container of an appropriate size (cup or bowl are good) to ensure the shoe stays upside down and to catch any leakages.  Fill as required and allow to set before carefully unmoulding and trimming of excess soap where the seams joined. The decals are created by simply pouring the soap into the mould and allowing it to set before assembling. To put any embellishments on your design, you use a small dab of melted soap and hold on decal on until its glued on. 

These moulds are a thinner plastic than some and do not tolerate temperatures over 60ÂșC well so advise you soap cooler with this one.

Capacity:  48gm
Length:  60mm
Width: 33mm
Height:  50mm

2 cavities (4 halves)

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