Shower Gel - Natural

Shower Gel - Natural
Our Natural Shower Gel base is a wonderful product to allow you to make your own luxurious cleansing gel for home. By adding fragrance oil or essential oil to the base you can vary the mood of the bathroom each time you bathe.
When adding fragrance to this product please take care the first time as each scent can react differently with a surfactant based product.  Some will make the mix thicker, while others will make it thinner.  Add more base to bring it back to the previous state.  Starting with a small amount and adding the fragrance of your choice is the best idea so you can see how the fragrance of your choice reacts.  Start with 0.25% and increase carefully until you are happy with the results.  Allow to rest for a while before making your final decision as the product will continue to develop.

The pH of this product is 5.8-6.3.
Purified water, Lauryl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betain, Citric acid, Hydroxymethylgycinate,

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