Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein is the ultimate hair savior. Dry hair begone: enjoy nourished, fortified, shampoo-advertisement perfect hair instead.

The Keratin-attracted proteins within attach themselves to each hair shaft, dramatically increasing the tensile strength of your hair. This reduces breakage, protects the hair and repairs split ends. Enjoy volumised, beautifully textured, hydrated, and silky soft hair with the use of Heirloom's Hydrolysed Wheat Protein.

The benefits don't end there! Add to skin care to enjoy smaller pores and hydrated, nourished skin. 

Our Wheat Protein can be added to the water phase in creams and lotions, and can be included in toners and serums for skincare benefits.

Usage Rate: 1-5%

Vegetarians and Vegan.

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