Shampoo & Conditioner Ingredients

Shampoo & Conditioner Ingredients
There are many amazing ingredients you can use to make both liquid and solid shampoo and conditioner products.
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Agar Agar Powder

Agar Agar powder is a seaweed derived gelatin substitute that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $16.36

Aloe Vera Powder (Organic) 200:1

Aloe vera has a high vitamin and amino acid content making it a valuable addition to hair and skin p..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Calendula Extract - Organic

Moisturizing, soothing and protecting, our Calendula Extract super charges any skincare product.&nbs..

$17.00 Ex Tax: $15.45

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile extract is a soothing anti-inflammatory additive that adds a touch of class to your produc..

$8.50 Ex Tax: $7.73

Coco Betaine (30%) - Cocamidopropyl Betain

Coco Betain (or Cocamidopropyl Betaine)  is a mild coconut derived surfactant used in shampoos,..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.18

d-Panthenol (Provitamin B5)

d-Panthenol, also known as Pro-vitamin B5, is an active ingredient that can drastically improve the ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36

Guar Gum - Cationic

Cationic Guar Gum is a modified product of naturally derived guar seeds and is a non-gelling thicken..

$11.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

Hydrolysed Oat Protein

Hydrolysed oat protein extracted  from oat seeds through a gentle process of enzymatic hydrolys..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein is the ultimate hair savior. Dry hair begone: enjoy nourished, fortified, s..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36

Lauric Acid (Palm derived)

Lauric acid is a fatty acid commonly found in coconut oil.  It is known to be cleansing and emu..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36

Nettle Extract

Is your product worth it's mettle? Get your hands on some nettle! Anti-inflammatory and beautif..

$8.50 Ex Tax: $7.73

SCI Granules (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate)

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), also known as Baby Foam, is an exceptionally mild surfactant derive..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

Shampoo Ultra Thickener

Shampoo Ultra Thickener is your dream come true! Finally, achieve the shampoo texture and feel your ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36

Sodium Coco Sulphate Needles

Sodium coco sulphate  is an anionic surfactant with a gorgeous dense, creamy foam.  It is ..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $10.91

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Powder

Sodium cocoyl isethionate is derived from coconut fatty acid, so is completely palm free.  It h..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00