Rosehip Oil Organic - Unrefined

Rosehip Oil Organic - Unrefined

This wonder oil has a great number of powerful qualities. Packed with essential fatty acids, Rosehip Oil absorbs easily and deeply for complete hydration. This makes it the perfect product for aging and dry skin. A natural exfoliant, this oil can brighten and improve the texture of your skin. Rosehip Oil is additionally reputed to help aid the repair of scar tissue, help with burns and assist with eczema.

This product is generally a gorgeous deep pink/orange to red.  No bleaching has occurred with this magnificent product. A few drops gently massaged into a moistened face makes a wonderful pre-bed moisturising treatment without the need of any emulsifiers.

Botanical name: Rosa canina

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Country of Origin: Chile

INCI: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

CAS Number: 84696-47-9 / 84603-93-0

Vegetarian and Vegan.

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Tags: Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Moisturising, Exfoliating, Unrefined, Scar Reducing, Vegetarian, Vegan

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