Shea Butter-UNREFINED Certified Organic Fair Trade

Shea Butter-UNREFINED Certified Organic Fair Trade

Shea butter is a semi soft butter that is high in vitamins A, E and F and brings these to your creams, butters and soaps.  When used in soap unrefined shea butter creates a conditioning bar with stable lather.  In creams, lotions and butters it becomes a wonderful moisturising component for dry and damaged skin.

Our unrefined shea butter comes from the Northern part of Ghana and is sourced directly from women’s co-operatives that operate within the region. Ghana arguably has the best shea butter in the world as the nuts have a most desirable chemical balance and with the traditional processing methods creating a very clean butter.
Traditionally it has been the women who collect the shea nuts, often travelling up to 17km by foot carrying at least 40kg on their head and children on their back simultaneously.  For many, the shea trade is the only form and sole source of income for these women and their families.
Shea nuts are gathered by women and put into piles where they are inspected and separated before being boiled and sun dried. Nuts are removed then ground to a fine powder. Water is added and kneaded through the mix to enable the fats to separate.  More warm water is added as required. As the butter rises it is collected and reheated several times until no impurities remain.  It is then left to solidify before being packed for shipping.


 100% pure, certified organic unrefined shea butter sourced from Ghana

·      This product is organically certified in Ghana by EcoCert

FAIR TRADE: Women are employed in cooperatives who produce this Shea Butter.Employees are paid above and beyond the average wage and provide better working conditions for them.



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