Butters such as shea, cocoa and mango are created from the seed kernel of nuts and fruits to produce a product that can vary in consistancy and properties, but all are fabulous when it comes to moisturising your skin.  They are a great product to use for creams, balms and moisturisers.

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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is an excellent skin softener when used both in cosmetic products and by itself. This r..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $6.00

Cocoa Butter - Refined Organic

Our organic cocoa butter has the best of both worlds; beautifully refined to take out the majority o..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $7.00

Lanolin Anhydrous

Lanolin Anhydrous, also known as wool wax or wool grease, is used by domesticated sheep to protect t..

$5.00 Ex Tax: $4.55

Mango Butter

Our cold-pressed Mango butter is highly prized for its ease of absorption into the skin and emollien..

$9.00 Ex Tax: $8.18

Shea Butter - Organic (Refined)

Heirloom's refined Shea Butter is an angelically smooth, creamy and deeply moisturizing product that..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Shea Butter-UNREFINED Certified Organic Fair Trade

Nourishing and moisturising, Heirloom's Shea butter is the perfect addition to your cosmetics and to..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45