Essential Oils - Pure

Essential Oils - Pure

100% pure Essential Oils for those who like their fragrances straight from nature.

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Rosemary Essential Oil CT Camphor

This rosemary essential oil is much truer to the rosemary scent.  Some rosemary essential oil ..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil

It took us a while to get sandalwood essential oil into stock, but now we have found an oil from r..

$28.00 Ex Tax: $25.45

Spearmint Essential Oil

 While milder than Peppermint essential oil, Spearmint Essential Oil has a strong and energetic..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Australian

Tea Tree Essential Oil has strong and powerful healing properties and known for being highly antisep..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

Vanilla Oleoresin - Certified Organic

Vanilla Oleoresin is well-known for its amazing sweet and rich smelling fragrance. It is a multi-pur..

$21.00 Ex Tax: $19.09

Vetiver Essential Oil

This dark, smoky, earthy scented oil is used in aromatherapy to ground and balance while reduci..

$26.50 Ex Tax: $24.09

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil has a refreshing minty aroma and is best known for its anti-inflammatory p..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $12.73

Ylang Ylang 3rd Grade Essential Oil

The sweet, sensual and exotic scent of Ylang Ylang is categorised as a base note.   Regula..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $10.91