pH Papers (80 strips)

pH Papers (80 strips)

To Test  Bar Soap pH
Wet the soap bar in running water. Rub the bar with your hands until you get some bubbles or a thin film of liquid soap on the outside of the bar. Wet your pH paper with the soap bubbles/film and check the reading.

To Test Liquid Soap and Cream/Lotions

1. Dip one test strip into your product for half a  second
2. Shake off any excess liquid
2. Compare and match colour with the colours listed.
3. Adjust your product if needed and retest.


1.Take one test paper and dip it into testable liquor; half a second later take it out and compare with standard color plate, then get the PH value.

2.This kind of test paper is not suitable for quite weak buffer solution as well as acid-base liquor with a density under 0.01%.

3.The test paper should be kept in dark place and avoid dampness.

** This test paper is not suitable for weak buffer solution or an acid based liquid with density under .01%
*** Keep test papers in a dark place and avoid moisture on unused papers.


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