Presentation Bottles and Jars

Presentation Bottles and Jars

Attractive Bottles and Jars for your products

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30gm Sample Pot Black with Black Window Lid

These black pots have a clear window in the lid (included) allowing you to see the produc..

$1.10 Ex Tax: $1.00

30gm Sample Pot Black with Solid Black Lid

These little mystery packages give a great presence to your product, whether you are supp..

$1.10 Ex Tax: $1.00

30gm Sample Pot Clear + Clear Lid

These crystal clear pots are fantastic for samples or smaller product quantities. ..

$0.80 Ex Tax: $0.73

50gm Amber Jar with Shiny Gold Lid (Included)

These classy 50gm plastic jars with a shiny gold lid will look awesome bearing your label and holdin..

$1.20 $1.00 Ex Tax: $0.91

50gm Plastic Jar with Lid and Casker Seal - Matte Black

These stunning black jars are matte on the outside giving them a sleek and mysterious finish.  ..

$2.65 Ex Tax: $2.41

50gm Jar

A vey cute little PET  jar for those creams etc required in smaller quantities. The height of ..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

50gm Plastic Lid

Lids to suit 50gm plastic Jar and available in black, white or natural colours.  Lids and ..

$0.40 Ex Tax: $0.36

50gm Aluminium Lid

Our classy 50gm lid suits our 50gm plastic jar and can be used with or without a casker sealDiameter..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

50gm Lid - Matte Gold

Matte gold 50gm lids fit our 50gm plastic jars beautifully to bring some "WOW" to your products.&nbs..

$1.80 Ex Tax: $1.64

50gm Casker Seal

Use with 50gm Jar and Lid to reduce spillage while being transported and keep your product more plea..

$0.27 Ex Tax: $0.25

100gm Plastic Jar with Lid and Casker Seal - Matte Black

Matte on the outside and shiny  on the inside, the presentation of these 100gm jars will make..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

100gm Jars

These very practical jars are made from PET plastic. Being 7cm in diameter allows for good hand acc..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

100gm Plastic Lid

In order to allow you to mix and match the colours of your products we offer the 100gm jar lids in b..

$0.49 Ex Tax: $0.45

100gm Lid - Matt Gold

This lid fits all our plastic 100gm plastic jars with a 70400 size neck and are a stunning matt..

$1.90 Ex Tax: $1.73

100gm Lids - Aluminium

Jars and lids sold seperately. These lids have a slight ribbing around the outside of the lid to ai..

$0.98 Ex Tax: $0.89