Rose 3D Mould

Rose 3D Mould

The rose is a perfect addition to any bouquet and this 3D rose soap is no different! If you add rose fragrance oil you would hardly be able to differ between them.
To construct your rose you will have to assemble the mould by cutting down the lines between the two halves  which can then be  pressed together and a filling hole created in the base.  Secure with extra bulldog clips around the edges and placed in a bowl for support and it is able to be filled.  Allow to set before carefully unmoulding.  If the rose is not unmoulding successfully, place in refrigerator for a short amount of time and then try again.
Clean up seam marks with the back of a butter knife and it will be ready to go.

These moulds are a thinner plastic than some and do not tolerate temperatures over 60ÂșC well so advise you soap cooler with this one.

Capacity:  90gm
Length:  70mm
Width:  70mm
Height:  45mm

2 cavities (4 halves)

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