Select the colours, micas, glitters and Heirloom fragrances to make your soaps candles and body products into personalised, exceptional products. Home of OzSoy soy wax.

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This kraft carry bag is an ideal size to carry a collection of handmade items while strolling throug..
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This gorgeous assortment of Christmas ducks allows the season to extend to the bath tub.  Choos..
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Delivery of dangerous goods attracts exorbitant extra charges.  To avoid these (built into the ..
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This product may be shipped Australia Post Parcel Regular only due to Dangerous Goods shipping restr..
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Madder Root Powder used in cold process soap creates an amazing colour, naturally.  The colour ..
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Candle Making

Soap Making

Find an extensive selection of candle and soap ingredients with bases and kits available for the beginner, through to raw materials for the experienced manufacturer.

 Traditional and timeless, Lip Balm Tubes White - 4.5gm stand up to the tests.  Being extr..
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These cute little tins are 4.cm wide and 1.5cm deep with a wadded screw on cap.  Cap and base ..
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**It is strongly recommended that you undertake extensive stability testing of all components. ..
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  If you like a quirky look to your lip balms, perhaps these the tubes for you.  Lip balm ..
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These versatile PET bottles are 13cm tall and 42mm wide.  They have a 24mm neck which suits all..
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