Guar Gum - Cationic

Guar Gum - Cationic

Cationic guar gum  is a modified product of naturally derived guar seeds and is a non-gelling thickener with and conditioning abilities. Often used in shampoos, it has the ability to leave hair shiny, soft and feeling like silk and can increase volume and foam. When used in creams and lotions the effect is similar. leaving the skin conditioned, soft and silky. It is a yellowish powder that is easily soluble in water with thorough stirring. The guar gum has a pH greater than 9, so the product containing the gum needs to have a pH greater than 7 to be effective.  Should this not be the case adding a little lemon juice concentrate or citric acid while the product is thickening will help to lower the pH to the correct level

Cas# 65497-29-2
INCI: Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
Recommended usage level 0.1-2%
Soluble in water but not oil.
Use in: Shampoo, conditioner, cream, lotion, shower gel and hand wash.

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