Candle Glassware

Candle Glassware

Candles look amazing when presented in classy glassware.  Light from a candle will bounce around the reflective surfaces of the candle glassware giving greater light and much more ambiance to the whole experience.   Soy candles are particularly popular in glass jars, but any other wax can also be used if your preference is for container candles.

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Modern Rose Gold Tumbler 370ml (Medium)

This stunning rose gold tumbler has a mirror finish which is incredibly difficult to photograph in a..

$3.90 Ex Tax: $3.55

Modern Silver Lid (Medium)

This lid fits the "Modern" range of glassware, being 92mm in diameter and containing a silicone seal..

$1.60 Ex Tax: $1.45

Extra Large Clear Metro Jar 425ml

The extra large clear metro jar makes a bold, sophisticated statement. Perfects as a candle jar or a..

$3.85 Ex Tax: $3.50

Classy Glass Clear LARGE 500ml

This stunning glass is intended mainly for candle use, but the possibilities don't stop there. ..

$4.00 $3.60 Ex Tax: $3.27

Classy Glass Clear LARGE 500ml + Silver Lid

This stunning glass with shiny silver lid is intended mainly for candle use, but the opportunities..

$6.00 Ex Tax: $5.45

Classy Glass Frosted LARGE 500ml

This magnificent frosted candle glass is a true statement piece. When teamed with the matte black or..

$4.50 $4.00 Ex Tax: $3.64

Classy Glass Silver Lid LARGE

Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your candles. With an eye-catching silver sheen and ..

$2.10 Ex Tax: $1.91

Modern Black Tumbler - 500ml (Large)

The Modern Matt Black Tumbler - Large is both elegant and classy.  It has a max capacity of 600..

$4.00 Ex Tax: $3.64

Modern Rose Gold Tumbler 500gm (Large)

If you like elegant, large and trendy candles this may well be the container for you. Team it with a..

$4.65 $4.20 Ex Tax: $3.82

Modern Silver Lid (Large)

The Modern Silver Lid Large fits all Modern Large jars to provide an elegant and dust free finish to..

$2.30 Ex Tax: $2.09

Candy Jar

This dramatic jar is truly a statement piece. The intricately decorated, crystal clear glass is the ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $6.36