Caramel Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Caramel Vanilla  Fragrance Oil

Caramel Vanilla Fragrance Oil is truly one of the most decadent fragrances out there.  Deep rich buttery notes are combined with a sugary sweet scent to leave you drooling. Be careful; too much of this deliciously naughty scent will have you dropping by the lolly shop on the way home!

Unfortunately, the gorgeous vanilla in this fragrance WILL turn your cold process soap brown. Melt and pour soap may also darken a little, and creams/lotions should be tested to ensure there is no discolouration. Please test carefully.

Usage Rate: 30-50ml per kilo of oils

Body: Skin safe

Soap: CP, HP, M&P

Soy: Excellent

Paraffin: Yes

Gel: No

Flash Point: 70ÂșC

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Tags: Rich, Sweet, Vanilla, Feminine

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