Black Wattle Fragrance oil (Heirloom)

Black Wattle Fragrance oil (Heirloom)

That wonderful scent of spring in the bush can be found in a bottle in the form of Heirloom's Black Wattle Fragrance.
With top notes of bergamot and  violet leaf the gentle sweetness is pronounced, but the middle tones are florally inspired with mimosa, sweet pea and jasmine. The base notes of powdery musk, orris, and vetiver tie everything to together to create a product that performs brilliantly in all soap forms an body products as well as candles.

Discoloration: No
Usage Rate: 30ml per kilo of oils
Body: Skin safe
Soap: CP, HP, M&P
Soy: Yes
Paraffin: Yes
Flash Point: >142ºF, >61ºC

This  fragrance contains the carrier/base oil Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) @ <1% concentration in the fragrance
Here is a review from Maxine:

I made Black Wattle Rim Soap and thought I would let you know my thoughts on this amazing FO.
Black Wattle FO smells divine! I soaped at 37C, and my suggestion would be to pour at light trace.  It had slight acceleration - nothing to worry you too much, but I wouldn’t get busy with several colours of marbling.  I did add Titanium Oxide as I thought it looked a little too creamy and it  set up a pale creamy white colour that I think it really looks attractive with the contrast rim.  My ingredients were: Palm Oil; Coconut Oil; Cottonseed Oil & Light Olive Oil. My batch size was 2345grams and I used 100grams of Black Wattle FO.  I did not let it go through gel phase, as I was not sure how the fragrance would react.  I have to say, this would be one of my favourite florals in a long time. For the ladies who love their florals, I would give this one a try.  A big thumbs up, I know one floral customer who will just adore this one.

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