White Vanilla Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

White Vanilla Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes
A rarity in the world of fragrance - a great-smelling vanilla oil that holds up beautifully in cold-process soaps without turning them brown!! We tested about 15 other vanilla fragrances that claimed to be non-discoloring, but either they *did* discolor, or they lost all their scent after only a week (or less) of cure time. In addition to not discoloring, this vanilla's staying power is amazing. NOTE: This is a "colder," less buttery-smelling vanilla scent, so our favorite way to make vanilla soap is to use 2 parts White Vanilla to 1 part of our Special Edition Vanilla™ fragrance. This produces a tan soap with a long-lasting, rich vanilla aroma.
A review from Maxine:
The verdict is in on White Vanilla FO from Sweetcakes.  I probably could have gone a little heavier for the batch, but it has a sweet powdery vanilla smell.  It could have gone whiter still, if I had not used Extra Virgin Olive Oil and gone with light Olive, instead it  is a creamy white (my fault totally).  It behaved beautifully, soaped at 37C and this particular 12 pound batch was made using white vinegar instead of D.Water and it was insulated overnight and cut in the morning (warm,because the vinegar method hardens quickly). My opinion, I love it.
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