Peachy Keen Natural Mineral Blush

Peachy Keen Natural Mineral Blush

Peachy Keen natural mineral blush is a beautiful  sheer pink shade.  It is silky and long-wearing product to brighten cheeks, providing a soft, natural look that has even, flawless cover . Like the Mineral Multi Purpose Micas, the diversity of this pigment allows for it to be used on the nails and lips as well as cheeks to create a professional, colour matched appearance.

Loose Mineral Blushes are very concentrated and should be applied sparingly. The simplest way to apply them is with a flat top brush or with a cotton wool ball. Press the brush or cotton ball onto the sifter, and then tap the jar so a little bit of blush powder comes out. Then gently glide the colour over the cheek, and blend with your brush.

Pot Volume: 10 grams / Weight: 3 grams.
Sample bag weight 1/2 gram.


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