Coloured Powders - 5g All In One Pack

Coloured Powders - 5g All In One Pack
Feel the rainbow! Perfect for the most vivid of projects. These powders can be used to colour bath salts, bath bombs, melt and pour soap and lip balms.
Not suitable for cold process soap manufacture or gel candles.

Red Colour Powder (Ponceau 4R Lake)                              
  • CAS Number: 15876-47-8
  • C.I. Number: 16255:1 
  • C.I. Name: Food Red 7:1                                           
  • Approved Additive Number: 124                          
Yellow Powder Colour (Tartrazine Lake)                                          
  • CAS Number: 12225-21-7
  • C.I. Number: 19140:1                                 
  • C.I. Name: Food Yellow 4:1                 
  • Approved additive #: 102           
Orange Powder Colour (FD & C Yellow No. 6 Al Lake)
  • CAS #: 15790-07-5
  • C.I. Number: 15985:1
  • C.I. Name: Food Yellow 3:1
  • Approved Additive Number: 110 
Green Powder Colour (Apple Green Lake)
  • CAS Number: Not Allocated
  • C.I. Number: Blend
  • C.I. Name: Not Allocated
  • Approved Additive Number: E133+102 
Blue Powder Colour (Brilliant Blue Lake)
  • CAS Number: 63921-42-6
  • C.I. Number: 42090:2
  • C.I. Name: Food Blue 2:1 
  • Approved additive #: 133

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