Blue Mica 4 dram - Not Suitable for CP Soap

Blue Mica 4 dram - Not Suitable for CP Soap

This pretty blue mica can be used in M & P soaps, , bath salts, bath bombs and lip balms to add a glorious shimmer.  It is not suitable for cold process soap, which is why it is being discontinued.

Green & blue mica is not suitable for use in Cold Process soaps.  The other colours work well.

 4 drams is approximately 5gm, but may well be more

INCI name: "MICA"

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Great to use for all those exfoliant needs. Add it to soaps, hand cleaners, foot scrubs, or any form..
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A great natural exfoliant with many applications. Far better for the environment than the micro plas..
Ex Tax: $4.55
A wonderful colourant for soaps and body products, as well as bringing their wonderful qualitie..
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