Clay Australian Pure Cosmetic

Clay Australian Pure Cosmetic
A wonderful colourant for soaps and body products, as well as bringing their wonderful qualities to your products. 
Red Clay: For dehydrated and mature skin. Always mix with other clay before use as Australian Red Clay is too strong to use alone.            INCI: Iron Oxide
White Clay: For sensitive and dry skin. A good mixer to tone down stronger clays.            INCI: Kaolin
Bentonite Clay: For tissue repair. Draws toxins. Use as beauty mask; to treat cellulite; as a gentle cleanser.  (Colour may vary from beige through dusty green.        INCI: Bentonite
Beige Clay: Beige Australian Clay contains multiple essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and potassium. These combined give beige clay amazing properties for detoxifying skin and eliminating cellulite through the stimulation of circulation of the blood and lymph systems. The eliminations of toxins from the body leave the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and re-energised.  Ingredients: Argilla, Quartz, Sunstone Powder
Olive Green Clay: The strongest of all clays and is best for detoxification and acne prone and oily skin.  The minerals in the clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin and act as an aid for repairing scars.  Ideal for body wraps after pregnancy where cellulite and stretch marks are of concern.    Ingredients: Kaolin, Quartz 

Black Clay:  Contains great iron and oxygenating properties, makng it very popular for use in soaps, creams, powders, lipsticks and mascaras.  It is a non-toxic material with cleansing and conditioning agents which make it particularly good for nourishing the skin.   Ingredient:  Magnetite

Storing clays in plastic or metal is not recommended.


Green Clay is from Scone NSW

White clay is from Weld Range WA

Red clay is from Gulgong NSW


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