Perfumery Masterclass

Perfumery Masterclass

The Art Of Perfumery Master Class

For centuries the secrets of the Perfumer have been jealously guarded by the World’s great Fragrance Houses.  Now, you can design & create professional perfumes!  After this workshop you will have a depth of practical skills and knowledge, plus the resources to continue along your own personal journey into the world of perfumery.

Creating perfume is an exciting and somewhat magical experience, but should it be enjoyed by only the privileged few?  Now, you can learn some of the trade secrets to blending your own beautiful accords, and creating your very own fine fragrance perfumes. When one aroma is added to another a new scent is born!  The more scents perfectly blended in harmony, the more amazing the overall perfume can be.  But without knowing the techniques of the traditional perfumer, your blends may lack the wow factor.  It’s very rare to create a masterpiece with guesswork alone.

Let us guide you through an exciting and creative day where you’ll learn what makes the difference between a masterpiece perfume, and a cheap grade cologne.

PLEASE NOTE this is not a "natural perfumery" course using only essential oils.  Perfumery does not discriminate between natural and synthetic, it only discriminates between what is "toxic" and "non-toxic".  Natural does not always mean non-toxic.  The course is designed to teach you to blend accords and create perfume like the professionals using any materials you choose.

Where:  Unit 9, 28 Coombes Drive Penrith NSW.

Duration:  Course runs from 10am to 3pm.

Lunch & light refreshments will be provided.  Please advise if you have any special dietary requirements.


In this 5 hour hands-on practical & theory workshop you’ll become familiar with:

  • A Brief History of the Art of Perfumery
  • The Modern Science of how aromas/odours are sourced & created (including Synthetic Vs. “Natural” debate), and where to buy your Perfumery Supplies.
  • You'll learn the difference between essential oils, isolates, aroma chemicals, absolutes, dilutions.
  • The Perfumer's Pyramid, and how to structure just the right amounts of base, middle and top notes to build timing and evolution of the scent.
  • The Perfume Families & How to Classify Aromas & Odours, and how to train your nose to recognise odours within perfumes.
  • A Case Study: A World Famous Perfume.  We will re-construct a version of a world famous perfume close to the original scent as a way of experiencing how a perfume comes together.  You will then learn the Perfumer's most guarded skill - How to construct perfume accords.  Accords are where the magic of a perfume really comes together. Basic accords & complex accords are blends of multiple odours/aromas that lose their individual scent as they merge and become a whole new beautiful scent of their own.  Perhaps you have played around with blending fragrance before, but without the true know-how of accord building, blends can often lack the wow factor. Learn how to know when your blend is just right and in perfect harmony.

You will also learn the art of diluting your perfume concentrate into an atomiser spray - all materials and equipment will be supplied for you. You will take home your very own perfume designed & created by you.

Who knows, you could be the world’s next perfume sensation!

When you leave this Master class, you’ll have the necessary basic to intermediate skills to continue your own journey developing your own fragrance lines for fun or profit. You’ll be surprised at how much profit is to made from perfume.

Should you need to cancel your class please let us know as soon as this information is available.  We are happy for you to send another person in your stead, or to transfer your booking to another time slot.  We do not, however offer a refund if you are unable to attend..

Should we need to cancel your class we will let you know as soon as this information comes to hand.  We reserve the right to supply another teacher for your class should Andrew be unwell, to allow your class to proceed with minimal interuption.  If circumstances cannot be worked with we will provide another date for your class if you wish, or a full refund of your course costs if you prefer.  We are unable to refund any transport or accommodation costs you may have incurred.  That said, we would do our utmost to ensure all courses proceed as planned where there is any possibility to do so.

This class is to be held on Tuesdays in our upstairs teaching facility at Unit 9, 28 Coombes Drive Penrith.  Class sizes are restricted to 10 people so please do not delay booking your place

Please contact us on 02 4722 2123  or book online to arrange your deposit of $50 to hold your place or $250 payment in full

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