Palm Oil - Certified

Palm Oil - Certified

Palm oil has had a lot of names to cover the fact that it has been checked to have gone through the correct procedures for responsibly produced palm oil.  You may know it as Green Palm, the Book & Claim scheme,  RSPO Credited, or Green Palm Certified.  All these names are covered by this product, but Certified seems to be the one most people are aligned with.  The RSPO Credit Logo is shown on the bulk packaging to show it has been purchased under the  RSPO Credit Purchase program.

Palm oil has we well balanced fatty acid composition whereby the level of saturatted fatty acids is almost the same as the amount of unsaturated fatty acids.  Palmitic acid makes up 44-45% with oleic acid being 39-40% with linoleic acid being 10-11%.  A trace amount of linolenic acid rounds out the profile to produce a very stable oil not readily prone to oxidation.
Palm Oil is an excellent oil to use as a component for soap manufacture as it creates a hard bar of soap with good conditioning qualities while maintaining a mildness to the finished product.

**This palm oil may have layering separation of the different components of the oil so if you have purchased it in bulk please take a downward profile of the product when decanting for use particularly in soap to ensure you get the qualities throughout your batches. If you have purchased smaller quantities this should have been addressed for you to ensure all components are in your bucket but you may wish to remelt and combine as it is setting up for future use**
Product of Malaysia
Botanical Name: Elaeis guineensis
Vegetarian and Vegan

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