Black Liquid Candle Colour

Black Liquid Candle Colour
Black Liquid Candle Colour can create a deep black through to light grey colouration in your candle.
Heirloom’s concentrated liquid candle colours are intense!  Of course the usage rate will vary according to the depth of colour you want in your candle.  While the pictures are indicative of the colours achievable with your dye, the type of wax, fragrances and additives may alter your results.  Please always test colours in your application on a small scale before jumping right in there.  For consistent, repeatable results measure accurately using the same technique with each batch.  Percentage by weight will not give the same colour as the percentage by volume, so choose one and stick to it. The recommended temperature for adding liquid colour dyes is less than 85ºC

The amount you would like to use will be determined by the opacity of the wax you are using, any additives you may use and the fragrance choice you have made.
2-8 drops of Liquid Candle Colour per 500gm will meet the needs of most, but please experiment to find your own requirements.  Colours can be mixed if you wish to do so.

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