Use exfoliants to remove dead skin and unwanted surface material

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is formed from the fossil remains of algae. This form has great absorption power ..

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Loofah Pad

These pads are made of natural loofa fibre, bound with cotton tape to encase rough edges. The terry ..

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Rice Sand

Rice sand is finely ground rice grains, but not as fine as rice powder.  It creates a gentle ex..

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Sandalwood Powder Australian - Superfine

This pure Australian Sandalwood powder is harvested using sustainable practices  from the nativ..

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Pumice Ground

Great to use for all those exfoliant needs. Add it to soaps, hand cleaners, foot scrubs, or any form..

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Walnut Shell Ground

A great natural exfoliant with many applications. Far better for the environment than the micro plas..

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