Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

This white pigment  can be used as an opacifier (makes the product whiter)  and also has sunscreen capabilities.
For best results mix with water or glycerine prior to addition to soap.

This product is USP and EP grade and is suitable for use in  food, drugs and cosmetics (food grade listing is only maintained when bought in its original 25kg bag as we do not have food grade pack down facilities). Heirloom titanium dioxide is an uncoated anastase titanium dioxide pigment with high whiteness and blue undertone. From a chemical and microbiological point of view, it is exceptionally pure.

Use in candles may lead to clogging of the wick and poor burn results, although using it in an overdip for freestanding candles, or carved candles where this section generally does not get much burn time will work well.

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