Scoopable Workin' Person Soap

Posted by Kerry 13/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Recipes for Scrubs,

This recipe is very much at a beginner level, but creates a wonderful scrubby and scoopable product suitable for the dirtiest work person.


20gm Vegetable Emulsifying Wax
100gm SLES Free Multipurpose Product Base
100gm Ground Pumice
1-2ml eucalyptus essential oil
0.2gm Liquid Germall Plus (about 4-5 drops)


  1. Melt vegetable emulsifying wax over low direct heat.
  2. Remove from stove
  3. Add SLES free multipurpose product base and whisk in thoroughly.
  4. Add ground pumice and stir in until an product is an even colour
  5. Allow to cool below 40ºC and add liquid germall plus & eucalyptus essential oil. 
  6. Mix thoroughly to ensure preservative is dispersed evenly.
  7. When completely cool package in screw cap jars.

Makes 220gm.


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