How to Make a Reed Diffuser

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How to make your own Professional Reed Diffusers

What you need:

  •     140ml reed diffuser bottle with wooden collar.
  •     105gm Diffuser base.  
  •     35gm Fragrance Oil for this bottle.  Note: We are using Coconut Lime Verbena today, but choose something that appeals to you.
  •   10 Rattan Diffuser Reeds

Step 1: Place a glass jug on your scales and tare to bring back to zero.

Step 2: Pour in 105gm diffuser base.
Step 3: Add 35gm of fragrance oil     

Step 4: Stir carefully and thoroughly until well distributed   
Step 5: Carefully funnel your completed mixture into the diffuser bottle and screw the collar firmly into place.  
Note: If you do not wish to utilise the diffuser straight away, place plug into the bottle before the collar is screwed on. Ensure plug is in firmly.  

Step 6: Insert the rattan reeds through the collar and allow to absorb the mixture for about 5 minutes.  After this time carefully remove the reeds from the liquid and invert, placing the dry end in the liquid to ensure the scent is absorbed into both ends of the reeds to give the best scent throw.
Note: If you have a different bottle you wish to use for your diffuser, use 75% of the diffuser base and 25% of your fragrance.  Any oil soluble fragrance can be used to make this product.
Step 7: Your diffuser is now ready to enjoy.

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