Basic Lotion Recipe

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This recipe is a simple but effective light lotion base full of great skin feel and moisturising porperties.

            Phase 1
700gm distilled water   
            Phase 2

100gm sweet almond oil        
50gm grapeseed oil
50gm cocoa butter
50gm BTMS25 conditioning emulsifier                                         
30gm stearic acid
             Phase 3
10gm essential oil (I used lavender but you choose what you like)
2gm liquid Germall plus
3gm Natural vitamin E


  1. Ensure all equipment, benches and packaging is clean and germ free.
  2. Weigh out phase 1 (water) into a saucepan.
  3. Weigh out phase 2 into another heat safe container for double boiler or low direct heat
  4. Heat both phases to 70-75ºC– remove from heat.
  5. Combine phases 1 & 2 and emulsify with a stick blender for about 5 minutes.  Allow to stand for 10 minutes and blend again.  Allow to cool to 40ºC
  6. Add phase 3 and stick blend through thoroughly to ensure even dispersion and emulsion.
  7. You may package your product while still warm but do not put the lids on until completely cool

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