Packaging Bags

Packaging Bags

Bags for carrying, holding, or displaying

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Carry Bag Stag Forest Kraft Small

This kraft carry bag is an ideal size to carry a collection of handmade items while strolling throug..

$1.40 Ex Tax: $1.27

Purple Carry Bags Small

Size: 29 x 20 x 10cm These are especially wonderful for those who attend the markets and like to st..

$0.80 $0.70 Ex Tax: $0.64

Brown Carry Bags 290x200x90

These fabulous kraft carry bags some with a brown twist handle and are 29cmx20cm x90cmm gusset makin..

$0.80 Ex Tax: $0.73

Brown Carry Bags 270x180x80

These fabulous kraft carry bags some with a brown twist handle and are 27cm x 18cm x 8cm gusset maki..

$0.70 Ex Tax: $0.64

Brown Carry Bags 150x180x75

These fabulous kraft carry bags some with a brown twist handle and are 15cmx18cm x7.5cm gusset makin..

$0.70 Ex Tax: $0.64

Carry Bags Christmas Kraft & Red

These elegant carry bags eminate the Christmas spirit.  With a good mid range size of  290..

$0.95 Ex Tax: $0.86

Flat Lunch Bags - 24x17.5cm

These paper bags make a colourful and recyclable option for your market stall that you can colour co..

$0.15 Ex Tax: $0.14

Flat Snack Bags - 180mm x 140mm

These cute snack bags are a wonderful packaging option for all your crafting endeavours.  Choos..

$0.12 Ex Tax: $0.11

Cellophane Bag 115mmX65mm P2

Cellophane is a natural breathing cellulose product that gives your product just the look you are af..

$0.10 Ex Tax: $0.09

Cellophane Bag 145mmX75mm P4

Cellophane is a natural plastic substitute made from cellulose rather than oil products.  This ..

$0.15 Ex Tax: $0.14

Cellophane Bag 165mmX90mm P6

The environmental impact a cellulose cellophane bag makes is far less than its plastic opponent with..

$0.17 Ex Tax: $0.15

Cellophane Bag 180mmX100mm P8

Our P8 cellophane bags have found a place in the hearts of soap makers as a biodegradable packaging ..

$0.20 Ex Tax: $0.18

Cellophane Bag 180mmX125mm P9

The biodegradable P9 cellophane bag is a wonderful option for individually packaging your larger soa..

$0.25 Ex Tax: $0.23

Cellophane Bag 190mmX115mm P10

These bags are an awesome one stop shop for your packaging crafting needs.  Standing 190mm X 11..

$0.18 Ex Tax: $0.16

Cellophane Bags 150X100x50mm P20

These P20 biodegradable bags have a side gusset to enable each bag to hold more within. The are 150m..

$0.25 Ex Tax: $0.23