Melt & Pour Soap Bases

Melt & Pour Soap Bases

Natural melt and pour soap bases from Heirloom Body Care are full of natural ingredients such as goat milk, shea butter, aloe vera and cocoa butter to bring your soap the very best

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Soap Base Crystal Clear SFIC 1kg

Crystal Clear Soap Base has more clarity than any of the other clear soap bases making it ideal fo..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Soap Base Clear Natural SFIC 1kg

Natural Clear Melt and Pour soap base enables you to have a lovely soap for sensitive skin as well a..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

Clear Low Sweat Natural Soap Base SFIC 1kg

Heirloom now has a clear melt and pour soap base that will not sweat on days of low humidi..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Soap Base Coconut Natural SFIC 1kg

Coconut natural melt and pour soap base is a wonderfully white product to allow you to let your crea..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

White Low Sweat Natural Soap Base SFIC 1kg

Finally, a white melt and pour soap base that will not sweat on days of low humidity.  Wrapping..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Melt and Pour Soap Kit

If you are wanting to get into the world of making your own soaps from a melt and pour soap base thi..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Soap Base Aloe Vera Natural SFIC 1kg

Our natural soap base with aloe vera is a luxurious cleansing soap base allowing you to create your ..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Soap Base Goats Milk Natural SFIC 1kg

Natural Goats Milk melt and pour soap base is paraben and scent free. Goats milk soaps are reputed t..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Goats Milk Natural Soap Base 43lb (19.5kg) Tub SFIC

Goat’s Milk is thought to soften skin. Our Goat's Milk soap is made with 10% real liquid goat's..

$236.00 Ex Tax: $214.55

Soap Base Cocoa Butter Natural SFIC 1kg

Cocoa butter is an amazing ingredient when added to soap as it allows the soap to clean while the co..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Soap Base Olive Oil Natural SFIC 1kg

This soap base uses 20% natural kosher grade extra virgin olive oil as the prime ingredient in a sur..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Soap Base Shea Butter Natural SFIC 1kg

This natural melt and pour soap base contains and additional 5% shea butter to add quality moisturis..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $14.55

Foaming Bath Butter

Foaming bath butter is our new luxuriously creamy cleansing product with the consistency of butter. ..

$16.50 Ex Tax: $15.00