Quality HTP 126 Wicks (150)

Quality HTP 126 Wicks (150)

These HTP 126 150mm tall wicks are manufactured by a company reputed to make the best wicks in the world.  Amazing quality will show in your work.
The wick tabs are made from 0.254mm thick tin coated steel.  This helps to inhibit corrosion making it preferable to plain steel.  The heavier metal ensures it remains strong while being crimped to stabilize the unit.
The tab on these wicks is 20mm in diameter with a neck height of 10mm for a safer candle. The HTP wick is flat braided in design, but with thin paper fibres intertwined. The result is a cleaner burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling and a hotter, more efficient flame.  Combined with the high melt wax coating, the HTP wick is an excellent alternative in hard-to-burn applications and is a good all around choice for paraffin, gel and vegetable candles that require hotter burn conditions.

Tab Diameter           20mm
Tab Overall height   10mm
Wick Total Height    150mm

Estimated consumption of 7.65g per hour
Estimated flame height 54mm
Estimated pool diameter 60mm

Results may vary depending upon blend, color, fragrance, wax and shape/size of container.

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