Here at Heirloom Body Care, we aim to help support each one of our customers with any questions they may have. To make this a bit easier and quicker, we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions list from questions previously asked by customers in the same situation. We hope this may be able to answer queries quicker so you can have no delay in making your creations. Please look through this list to see if we have already answered your query, however if we have not, feel free to email us at heirloom@heirloombodycare.com.au.

Website Questions

I can't find something on the website, what can I do?
Our website is laid out in categories we think work best, however sometimes it may not be what you think of first. There is a search function on our website which should help with locating the product you are after. The search function requires correct spelling. It is recommended to search one section of the product you are looking for, such as 'tree' from 'tea tree oil'. This will firstly bring up every product that has the word 'tree' in it's title or product description. To narrow this search further, under the heading 'Search Criteria' there is a checkbox for 'Search in Product Descriptions', once this is un-ticked it should only search in the title and bring up the item you are looking for. If the product still does not come up, please contact us as it may be out of stock or we can help locate further.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

If you have received a coupon code, you must first be logged in to activate this. Once you have your cart filled, you click the 'View Cart' option and the 'Use Coupon Code' drop down menu. Here you enter and apply coupon and follow the prompts to continue to check out.

I would like more than what's displayed, can I make a special order?

We endeavor to fulfill every customer requirements as quickly as possible. Due to space, we may not always have bulk quantities on site, however we are happy to order it in if there is a need and can be supplied. If there is a product you wish to discuss bulk buying or any further discounts for, please contact heirloom@heirloombodycare.com.au and we will find the best deal we can for you. Special orders will have a longer processing time and we may require a 25% deposit to secure your stock.

Shipping Questions
What shipping option should I choose?

We offer an array of shipping options to suit individual area needs. These are Australia Post, Couriers Please, Fastway Couriers and TNT Couriers. Please deliberate which courier is the best for your local area as they differ greatly from area to area. If your order contains fragile products, please choose parcel options over satchels as parcels should be handled with more care. We also offer two express options with two couriers: TNT Overnight Express and Australia Post Express. If you are in their express regions they guarantee next day delivery.  Heirloom Body Care works to ship parcels as quick as possible, however once they leave us they are then in the courier's hands. We are unable to control the speed or quality of the shipping method however please contact us if there are any problems. 

How long will my order take to be processed?

Once you have placed your order we attempt to process and ship them in 2 business days. There may be delays such as out of stock, backorders, payment processing or public holidays. All customers should be notified of delays by email so please ensure heirloom@heirloombodycare.com.au is saved as a contact and not marked as spam.  If your order has not been updated for more than 5 business days please let us know and we will endeavour to rectify this. 

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Heirloom Body Care offer different shipping methods and each method's delivery times differ per location. As a rough estimate, most orders will be delivered by 3-5 days once shipped, The express options guarantee next day delivery for individual's in express areas. Once we ship your order we will notify you of the tracking number which will help keep tabs on when your order is due for delivery.  Shipping delivery times are unfortunately out of our control however we will try our hardest to chase up orders for you if need be. Please contact the chosen shipping courier with any queries prior to contacting us. 

My order arrived broken or incomplete, what should I do?

On the rare occasion where an order has arrived to you incomplete or broken, please don't hesitate to contact us so we may rectify this for you. Heirloom Body Care are not liable for any breakages that occur in shipping or if any parcels go missing. In the case where the incorrect shipping was chosen, e.g. glass in a satchel, we reserve the right to refute refunding or exchanging the products. If the breakage or missing item happened prior to shipping, we will replace the item for you or refund. 

Candle Related Questions

What is the best wax to use?

Candle making is a craft that is different for each person. Some people prefer working with OzSoy Ultimate, while others prefer Nature Soy. In terms of best usage, Tart Wax is designed for melts and are great for clam shells.  Nature Soy and Gel Candle Wax is utilised in creating container candles while, Ozsoy Ultimate and Palm Wax are used as a container wax or as a pillar wax. Finding the right wax for you involves testing and trialling however Nature Soy is brilliant for first-time creators as it is economic and quite forgiving.

What wick should I use?

Wicks are determined based on the diameter of the candle made. If the wick burns too wide, it may cause too much melted wax which will snuff out the wick. On the other hand, if the wick burns too narrow the candle will have a 'tunneling' effect and it won't burn evenly. It is best to measure the inside diameter and choose the closest wick diameter, erring on the lesser side. If your candle is too large for the largest wick, you can choose to multi-wick. This involves placing two or more wicks of smaller burning diameter, to make up the large burning diameter needed. For example, if the candle is 100m wide, it requires 2 x 52mm Wick (CDN 7 Wick) to create a slight overlap. We have developed a wick sizing chart which should make this process a bit easier. Please click here for the chart.  

How much fragrance should I use?

Each wax have different rules regarding how much fragrance in required. It is best to check each product description on our website to check these percentages, as well as trialing what works best for your candles.