Fragrance Oils F-M

Fragrance Oils F-M

Our fragrance oils have been listed in Alphabetical order for you to make them easier to find.  This segment contains those beginning with letters F through to M

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Mango Fragrance Oil

This gorgeous mango fragrance  works well in candles, melts, body care products and melt and ..

$9.00 Ex Tax: $8.18

Mango Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Fruity, tropical, and sweet. Delightful on its own, or try blending it with raspberry fragrance, or ..

$4.00 Ex Tax: $3.64

Masculine Musk Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Ohhhhhh, my -- words are inadequate to describe the splendors of this fragrance. A clean, masculine ..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Midnight in Tunisia Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

This intoxicating blend begins with floral notes of Tunisian jasmine petals, tuberose, and lily of t..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

Molton Brown Naran Ji Type (Sweet Cakes) Fragrance

This fragrance can be found the world over, tucked away in kitchens and guestrooms of five-star ..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $12.73