Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

You must try World's Best Egyptian Musk! Who'll like it? Anyone who likes musky fragrances, sexy fragrances, unique fragrances, or upscale-smelling fragrances. Who won't be impressed by it? Only someone whose nostrils were stitched together in a freak serger accident. And here's one more piece of juicy backstory -- another customer of this particular perfumer has also purchased this Egyptian Musk and is selling it diluted as a perfume with a price tag of $100 per ounce. Diluted, people. Per ounce. Or, as expressed in the title of a song by West Coast rap-music impresario Ice Cube, "$100 Dollar Bill, Yo."


Note to CP soapers from Sweet Cakes: This fragrance has been tested well and thoroughly in CP soap, and my feelings about using it in CP are mixed . . . while it doesn't mutate or cause any trouble, the scent does fade more than Sweet Cakes fragrances do. At the end of cure time, the pleasant musk and sandalwood notes were still there, but a bit muted. If you don't mind a more subtle fragrance level in your cold-process soap, then feel free to give Egyptian Musk a spin. Flashpoint: 200* F.

Note from Heirloom: Having made a couple of batches of soap using this fragrance, trialing a small batch using your recipe would be
recommended as I have had some interesting results depending on the base to which it is added.

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