• Emulsifying wax - Vegetable Base

This easy to use product is a non-ionic emulsifyer comprising  of Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20.  In some circles it is refered to as "NF", meaning it meets the standards of a National Formulary to assist the recognition of products used in medical recipes to ensure consistency in these important situations.
The job of emulsifying wax is to draw the  oil and water molecules together and thicken the liquid  in a format where they will not separate.  The water resistance of the oil is broken down to allow the unifying of components into a beautifully emulsified end product.

The quantity of wax you use will be determined by the product you wish to create.
If you want to make a skin milk then 2% is roughly your target quantity.  A lotion will need about 4% and a body butter will require about 8%.  These quantities can vary depending on the other ingredients that may be in your recipe that may act as co-emulsifiers or additional thickeners so please use them as guidelines only

We have enquired about use in lip balms of the manufacturer as some people wish to use it to emulsify a sweetener into their product and have been told there is no problem with this application should you wish to use it in this fashion.




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Emulsifying wax - Vegetable Base

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