• Coloured Powders - All in One Pack

Can be used to colour bath salts, bath bombs, melt and pour soap and lip balms. Contains blue, yellow, green, red and orange .

Not suitable for cold process soap manufacture or gel candles.

Vials contain 4 drams each (approximately 5gm)

Red Colour powder                      Green Powder Colour
Ponceau 4R Lake
                     Apple Green Lake
CAS #: 15876-47-8                         CAS #: Not Allocated
C.I. Number: 16255:1                     C.I. Number: Blend
C.I. Name: Food Red 7:1               C.I. Name: Not Allocated
Approved additive #: 124             Approved additive #: E133+102   


 Yellow Powder Colour               Orange Powder Colour               

 Tartrazine Lake                          Sunset Yellow Lake                    

 CAS #: 12225-21-7                       CAS #: 15790-07-5                         

 C.I. Number: 19140:1                  C.I. Number: 15985:1                     

 C.I. Name: Food Yellow 4:1        C.I. Name: Food Yellow 3:1    

  Blue Powder Colour 

  Brilliant Blue Lake

  CAS #: 63921-42-6

  C.I. Number: 42090:2   

  C.I. Name: Food Blue 2:1

  Approved additive #: 133






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Coloured Powders - All in One Pack

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