Liquid Soap Making in Penrith

Learn to blend oils and additives, fragrances and add colour to your creations.  You  will make your very own soap paste (enough to yield 6 litres when diluted) from natural oils, learn how to cook it properly so it clears, how to adjust the mildness, and most importantly how to dilute & thicken it so it becomes clear liquid soap.

Crystal Clear LIQUID SOAP Making

11th October 2016

If, like many soap makers you’ve been dying to master crystal clear liquid soaps, you’ve probably run into a lot of frustration, but, finally - here is the course for you!

Making crystal clear liquid soap is not difficult, in fact there is nothing advanced about it!  When you know a few of the tricks and tips for crystal clarity you'll be churning out batches in no time. Discover how easy it is to master this special hot-process soap making technique using simple, pure ingredients such as luxurious coconut oil. You will create liquid soaps that are better for your skin, better for the environment and just plain better than any you’ll find in a supermarket.

Information and techniques for making liquid soap were kept secret by the major manufacturers for decades, but thanks to soap maker Catherine Failor's exhaustive efforts, successful liquid soap for the home crafter is now possible.  You'll learn her techniques in this workshop presented by Andrew Dyer from Planet Yum.

What You Get:  Learn to blend oils and additives, fragrances and add colour to your creations with simple food colours.  You will make your very own soap paste, and learn how to cook it properly, then dilute it in water to produce your crystal clear liquid soap.  Your paste will yield approximately 6 litres when fully diluted.  You'll learn how to cook it properly so it clears, how to adjust the mildness, and most importantly how to dilute & thicken it so it becomes clear liquid soap.  It’s time you started your own natural liquid soaps with everyday tools and equipment you probably already have in the kitchen. Let the soap and your creativity flow. 

Who Is This Course For?  Beginners or experienced soap makers are invited to join us for this introduction to liquid soap.  Those with no experience at all are also welcome. You will not be required to learn the science behind the subject. The purpose of the workshop and manual is to enable you to follow the recipes and techniques for successful liquid soap everytime.  For those interested in the science behind liquid soap you may be interested in Catherine Failor's Book: Making Natural Liquid Soaps, published by Storey publishing.  This book is available from Heirloom Body Care

Duration & Cost: 5 hours 10am to 4pm.  $250.  You will receive your own manual with all the tips & tricks, recipes and procedures to keep you going after the course.  Plus you will have enough soap base to make around 6 litres of liquid soap.  Your soap base will keep indefinitely if refrigerated, allowing you to dilute portions as you need.

Meals:  Light refreshments will be provided for lunch.  Please advise if you have special dietary requirements so we may accommodate you fully.

Should you need to cancel your class please let us know as soon as this information is available.  We are happy for you to send another person in your stead, or to transfer your booking to another time slot.  We do not, however offer a refund if you are unable to attend.

Should we need to cancel your class we will let you know as soon as this information comes to hand.  We reserve the right to supply another teacher for your class should Andrew be unwell, to allow your class to proceed with minimal interuption.  If circumstances cannot be worked with we will provide another date for your class if you wish, or a full refund of your course costs if you prefer.  We are unable to refund any transport or accommodation costs you may have incurred.  That said, we would do our utmost to ensure all courses proceed as planned where there is any possibility to do so.

This class is to be held  in our upstairs teaching facility at Unit 9, 28 Coombes Drive Penrith.  Class sizes are restricted to 8 people so please do not delay booking your place.