Orange Mango Smoothie Soap

This yummy soap is moisturising, soothing, softening and gently exfoliating. The sweet orange essential oil is uplifting to the senses and is said to brighten dull skin - what are you waiting for?! 

1 lb (approx 460grams) Melt & Pour Goat's Milk Soap Base
**1 Tbl Mango Butter
**2 tsp Shea Butter
**ΒΌ cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 Tbl White Clay
1 - 2 Tbl Ground Almond Meal
25 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Yellow or orange liquid soap colour, or leave uncoloured. 


Melt soap base gently. Immediately add the mango & shea butters, stirring until the butter has melted and blended into the base - reheating gently as required - and then stir in the aloe vera gel.

Place the white clay in a separate dish, spooning in a small amount (about 1/4 cup) of the melted soap to mix it into a paste. Once the clay is thoroughly blended, add this mixture to the larger batch of melted soap base. This technique eliminates clumping.

Begin stirring in the almond meal, and keep stirring until the soap base begins to thicken slightly. This will help suspend the meal throughout the soap, rather than sinking to the bottom of your mould.

Blend in the essential oil before the mixture gets too thick. Adding EO to the soap base at the coolest possible temperature will help keep the scent strong, but don't wait too long or your soap will begin to skin over.

Pour into moulds and allow to cool thoroughly.  Once cooed and unmoulded, melt and pour glycerine soap should be wrapped in cling wrap  or shrink wrapped and stored in a cool dark location, like closet or drawer until ready to use.

** It is recommended to add no more than 1 tablespoon of extra oil- or water-based ingredients to 500 grams of melt and pour soap base, so please experiment with your base carefully when using any ingredient in higher volumes

This recipe was kindly contributed by Tanya Chappell whose premade products may be secured by contacting her on (In the Newcastle area.)