Lotion Bars

A rich oil and wax blend that makes a solid product that is easily dispensed from a deodorant tube to leave your hands grease free for other purposes.



Lotion bars are a solid moisturiser that are easy to make and wonderful to use.

Makes 3.5 - 4 lotion bars


45g Beeswax
30g cocoa butter
60g shea butter
60g almond oil

Fragrance of your choice.
Deodorant tubes


Melt beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat.

Add all remaining oils except for the fragrance.

Allow to cool a little – approx 5 mins.

Mix in your chosen fragrance and pour into deodorant tubes through the cavity in the base. When the lotion is set place the base disc in place and enjoy your latest creation.

by Kerry Pearson
Heirloom Body Care