Body Butter Base (True butter/oil product)

A true body butter recipe using all oil and no water to make an extremely rich and moisturising product that is slow to sink into your skin, but oh so good for incredibly dry skin.  If you are looking for a thick cream that is called a body butter in recent years please investigate our coconut body butter recipe that is made in this format.

Body Butter Base (True butter/oil product)


Please note that this recipe is to make a true body butter rather than the thick cream that is sold commercially under this name.


Avocado Oil 3g
Cocoa Butter 10g (melt separately)
Jojoba Oil 10g
Olive Oil 6g
Evening Primrose Oil 2g
Shea Butter 69g


Melt cocoa butter in microwave oven. Add other ingredients and heat until shea butter is soft. Mix with a hand beater until fluffy peaks form. This is a butter not a cream, and as such will return to a butter consistency. This product is good in cooler weather as it is fine at room temps but will melt outside in hot weather.

Try it with the addition of 2% Sweetcakes Chocolate fragrance oil to add another dimension to a heavenly product.