Hair Conditioner with Clay

Clay has long been known for its cleansing properties.  This conditioner continues to clean and add shine even after the initial washing is completed.

Conditioner With Clay


Many thanks to Nicole Churchward for supplying this recipe.



Phase A
  Avocado Oil 10g
  Jojoba Oil 5g
  Conditioning Emulsifier 25g
  Demineralised Water 450g

Phase B
  Sodium Lactate 5g
  Clay 5g (White for normal hair, pink for dry or damaged hair)
  Essential oil or fragrance oil to desired strength.
  Preservative of choice


Place all ingredients from Phase A into a double boiler and mix until melted. Use a stick blender to give a good even texture.

When the mixture has cooled add the clay of choice, scent, and sodium lactate.

A suggestion might be rose geranium with pink clay using Optiphen Plus at  1 %